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prof. dr hab. Marcin Czech

prof. dr hab. Marcin Czech



Professional experience:

- Pharmaceutical industry: in Poland and Central Europe
- Public hospital
- Universities: Warsaw Medical University, Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw, Business School of the Warsaw University of Technology

Dr hab. econ., MD Marcin Czech is a graduate of the Medical Department of the Medical Academy in Warsaw, Business School of Warsaw University of Technology (International MBA), Health Economics Department at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Production Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology in the field of doctoral program in the field of management , a specialist in epidemiology.

Research interests include:

pharmacoeconomics, health economics, epidemiology, medicine, public health.

He has received numerous awards, including:

First degree individual scientific award for the authorship of the book "Pharmacoekonomics in pharmaceutical care" Award of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for the educational program in pharmacoeconomics Award of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of Warsaw for introducing a new form of teaching for students in the subject of Management and Economics of Pharmacy (team award) "Best and Brightest" award for MBA results Awards for the best diploma and master's theses Doctoral dissertation with honors Specialization exam with honors

The most important publications:

"Pharmacoeconomics and health technology assessment in drug management in Poland. Diagnosis and concepts of change" Research work on the decision-making criteria for drug reimbursement through the prism of pharmacoeconomic methodology. It also contains a theoretical part describing the basic issues in the field of health technology assessment.

"Pharmacoeconomics as a management tool in drug management in Poland" - this is the first book on the Polish market dealing with the use of pharmacoeconomics in the decision-making process regarding drug management.

"Pharmacoeconomics in pharmaceutical care" - the handbook describes the role and importance of pharmacoeconomics, presents the breakdown of costs used in this field of knowledge, and indicates sources of information on clinical efficacy and treatment effectiveness. The theoretical basis, definitions and examples of basic types of pharmacoeconomic analyzes and quality of life assessments are described. One of the chapters is devoted to the use of the Internet in modern pharmacoeconomics. The last part of the handbook addresses the ethical issues that are so important to everyone working in the health sector.

"Pharmacoeconomics - Economic Assessment of Health Programs" - the book is intended for university students; faculties of medical, pharmaceutical, economics, marketing, management and related, and for postgraduate students who want to broaden their knowledge in the field of economic analysis of projects in the health sector. It can also be helpful for practitioners who are involved in health care management. The creation of the textbook also meets the needs of the members of the Polish Pharmacoeconomic Society, in particular the group for education operating within it.

"Pharmacoeconomic Dictionary" - a pioneering publication on the Polish market, created in co-authorship with Dr. Ewa Orlewska, containing vocabulary in the field of pharmacoeconomics, medical technology assessment, clinical trials and related fields.


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