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Living Costs

Polish Currency

Polish money (PLN) is counted in złoty (zł) and grosz (gr) 100 groszy = 1 złoty.

The coins are issued in 1gr, 2gr, 5gr, 10gr, 20gr, 50gr, 1zł, 2zł and 5zł. The bank notes are issued in 10zł, 20zł, 50zł, 100zł, and 200 zł.

Daily Expenses

Daily necessities like food and clothing are still relatively inexpensive in comparison to western standards, however prices depend on the country of origin of the goods. Generally products made in Poland are less expensive than goods imported from the West. Foreign students should remember that if they want to travel, buy fresh fruit and vegetables in the winter, make phone calls abroad and lead an active social life they will spend a few hundred PLN per month (excluding cost of accommodation).

To give you an idea of the cost of living in Warsaw, here is an example

Accommodation in a Student House 485 PLN per month
Private accommodation (living with Polish family) 600-800 PLN per month
Dinner in a student canteen 10-15 PLN
Dinner outside Campus 20-40 PLN
Breakfast and supper (if self-catered) 5-10 PLN
It is rather expensive to have dinner a la carte in a restaurant. Meals in small bars or "fast food" bars are less expensive.

The approximate prices of some items are listed below:
  • milk 2.50 PLN/liter
  • chicken 8-10 PLN/kg
  • bread 2.50 PLN
  • eggs 0.3 - 0.4 PLN/each
  • butter 3 - 4 PLN/200g
  • rice 3-4 PLN / 0.5 kg
  • cheese 11 - 20 PLN/kg
  • potato 2 PLN/kg
  • meat 8 - 30 PLN/kg
  • fruits 3 - 15 PLN/kg

Food prices may differ from one store to another as well as depend on the season. Fruits and vegetables are cheaper in the summer than in the winter. We suggest that you check which store in your area offers the most reasonable prices.

Most grocery stores are open 8.00 am- 6.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. On Saturday they close early afternoon. Some stores are open on Sundays as well.

Other expenses:
  • Cinema 20-30 PLN/ show
  • Cigarettes 10 - 15 PLN/packet (20 cig.)

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