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Beata Rewuska (IMBA 2009/10)

International Management Consultant, Corporate Focus

After spending many years on assignments in various parts of the world, I wanted to capitalize on my experiences by obtaining a management certification from a recognized educational establishment. WUT MBA program gave me exactly what I was looking for - an internationally focused management training. The partnership of major European management schools - LBS, HEC, NHH and WUT offers a unique blend of lecturing experiences and offers an internationally ranked and recognized diploma.


Tomasz Cichocki (EMBA 2007-2009)

Financial Reporting, Planning and Analysis Manager, UPC Polska

My previous knowledge was extended and placed in a broader context as well as geared towards practical applications in real life business situations. The curriculum, developed in co-operation with top European business schools, is an excellent combination of theory and practice, lectures and case studies presented by both accomplished academics and successful managers. Last but not least, the course is run entirely in English.

I am confident that I will refer back to the issues discussed during the studies and that the acquired knowledge will be of great assistance to me during my further professional development.


Thierry Charamel (EMBA 2008-10)

Accenture, Customer Service Support Manager

Why choose the Warsaw University of Technology Business School to study a MBA? In my case, the choice is very easy to articulate, I wanted the school in Warsaw which would offer an excellent program, with a good network and global ranking. The alliance of the 3 business schools LBS (London Business School), HEC Paris and NHH Bergen was very attractive to me, since I am French, and wanted to obtain a diploma which would be recognized in those countries more easily.


Robert Grzybek (EMBA 2004)

GM Solutions, Managing Partner

I had decided to take up an MBA course to broaden my knowledge and master business English. WUT Business School was my first choice due to its high reputation and schedule convenient for a busy manager. I have to admit, at times it was not easy to reconcile managing nearly 1100-people-strong organization with the demanding challenges of MBA classes. In retrospect, it was worth the effort.The knowledge acquired at WUT BS coupled with my experience in managing sales, marketing, HR, as well as entire firms help a great deal in establishing relationships and building esteem with my clients in my current work as a consultant.


Felix Kremer (IMBA 2008/2009)

The key aspect of an MBA at WUT BS is the close interaction between the students and the professors, which enabled me to challenge, discuss and understand business matters on a new level. Through group assignments, simulations and case studies all students are closely involved in the program, which causes a lot of work but has also been a lot of fun. Due to the diversity of the students and their backgrounds, class discussions often went far bound theories. To me the most valuable asset is the broad but interconnected scope of the MBA, which I will benefit from throughout my career. The practical insights in areas like strategy, operations management and human resource management have enlarged my horizon and improved my managerial skills.


Anna Niedźwiedź (EMBA 2008)

Marketing Studies Manager, JELFA SA

MBA studies at WUT Business School combine theory with practice, facilitate exchange of experience between individuals working in different lines of business and provide inspiration for further activities and for exploring new issues.

What did I benefit? Despite modest professional experience, I must admit I have gained more self-confidence. Although I am proficient in English language, these studies became an extra opportunity to refine my lingual command. In addition, I learnt that the “woman’s” approach to problem solving is often much better than the “man’s” and the woman may be right in decision-making processes :)


Alan Paterson (IMBA 2008)

GST Manager PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sydney, Australia

I came to WUT BS to study for an IMBA on a career break from PricewaterhouseCoopers in the UK. An MBA at WUT BS allows you to get many different perspectives on business. The academic staff both from Poland and overseas have a very broad business experience and I also drew on a lot on the experiences of others in my class. We also got the opportunity to go out and talk to businesses about the challenges they are experiencing in a changing world.On graduating from WUT BS I embarked on a new challenge in my professional life, moving to Sydney, Australia.


Jason Schmitt (IMBA 2007)

CEO and Founder: Kanzas Semiconductors

I always had a dream about running my own corporation. Warsaw University of Technology Business School’s MBA program gave me the tool set to translate my technical vision into business reality and the “soft skills” to sale the vision to others.


Tomasz Galant (IMBA 2005)

CEO Esri Polska Sp z o.o.

After 10 years of work in corporations, I decided I should organize my assorted knowledge, unite all areas of competence in a uniform good programme and take advantage of sharing experience with people of other lines of business.


Jerome P. Touiller (MBA 2004)

Head of Practice Human Resources Services, AmropHever Russia

If my MBA degree was not the single pre-requisite to boost my career path, it was clearly the best appropriate experience to transform my hidden potentials in new skills: soft and hard.


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