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Anna Niedźwiedź (EMBA 2008)

Marketing Studies Manager, Przedsiębiorstwo Farmaceutyczne JELFA SA

As a graduate of international economic and political relations (Warsaw School of Economics) and culture studies (University of Warsaw), I believe it is necessary to expand knowledge to be able to understand the world and anyhow excess of knowledge is never harmful.

MBA studies at WUT Business School combine theory with practice, facilitate exchange of experience between individuals working in different lines of business and provide inspiration for further activities and for exploring new issues.

An undoubted plus point of the MBA studies chosen by me is the cooperation with lecturers of prestigious universities such as London Business School, HEC School of Management Paris, NHH Norway School of Economics and Business Administration, experienced specialists who share their knowledge in an interesting manner.

What is crucial in decision-making is to understand the reasons and mechanisms underlying a particular phenomenon, hence case studies and simulation exercises, e.g. in economy, games in human resources classes, which are deserve special commendation as being the most effective learning methods.

What did I benefit? Despite modest professional experience, I must admit I have gained more self-confidence. Although I am proficient in English language, these studies became an extra opportunity to refine my lingual command. In addition, I learnt that the “woman’s” approach to problem solving is often much better than the “man’s” and the woman may be right in decision-making processes. It seems that sometimes men are from Venus… and some women are from Mars. :)

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