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Adam Kiriczok (EMBA 2002)

President of Stump-Hydrobudowa Company

I am truly grateful I took my MBA Studies. The most important factor for me was that it helped me to broaden my horizons and in doing so, inspired me with a new idea, due to which, my company not only overcame the crisis, but also entered into a new method of development.

Since 1997, as the youngest member of all 6 Polish partners, I have been the Vice-President of Hydrobudowa-Bis Ltd. performing advanced construction work.

Hydrobudowa was a dated company at that time. Other partners (apart from me) were thinking about their early retirement. The market was shrinking, and in 2001 our company experienced a crisis, which forced us to make a prompt decision about our future.

The decision of the Board was to send me to the Warsaw University of Technology Business School to sit my MBA Studies, which they would pay for as I was to eventually take over the post as President of the company.

The Studies broadened my horizons a great deal. We were considering finding a foreign investor. At the same time I was invited to an interview by a head-hunter, through whom Stump Spezialtiefbau GmbH contacted me. It is one of the most prestigious companies in Germany operating in the same field. Stump planned to open a new department in Poland. I was offered the position of Department Director, and in this way, became the direct competition for my own company. Hydrobudowa.

Being inspired by one of many case studies analysed while taking my MBA and with the agreement of earlier plans on the Hydrobudowa Board, I made the Germans an offer to take over most of our company.s shares. I presented the numerous advantages of such an action, among which the most beneficial was limiting the risks of the investment: taking over a Warsawian company together with a group of excellent specialists as well as their vast knowledge of the Polish market, supported by their long-term experience. Our company, on the other hand, was supposed to benefit from this by using the resources and .know-how. of the Germans. After a relatively short consideration, the Board of Stump Spezialtiefbau, warmed to my idea. However, they insisted on one condition that I would become the President of the Polish department. The knowledge and skills which I gained during my MBA Studies helped me, this time round, hold further, more detailed negotiations, where I could take full advantage of my acquired practice in speaking English, which knowledge I gained through my studies.

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Warsaw University of Technology Business School
Koszykowa 79, 02-008 Warsaw
MBA Office:
tel. +48 22 234 70 89

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