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So far, WUT Business School has hosted at Friday@Five:
  • prof. Marek Belka (President of National Bank of Poland),
  • Jan Krzysztof Bielecki (President of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister),
  • Henryka Bochniarz (President, Polish Confederation of Private Employers),
  • Igor Chalupec (Prezes PKN Orlen)
  • Peter Driscoll (President, PricewaterhouseCoopers),
  • Bruno Duthoit (Member of the Board, TPSA ),
  • Maciej Formanowicz (CEO, FORTE)
  • Marek Goliszewski (Prezes, Business Center Club),
  • Mariusz Grendowicz (Prezes, Bre Bank SA)
  • Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (Vice-President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development),
  • Aleksander Gudzowaty (Prsident, Bartimpex),
  • Szymon Hołownia (journalist),
  • Danuta Hubner (EU Commissioner of Regional Policy),
  • Jan Kluk (President, ICL Poland),
  • Paul Knotter (World Bank),
  • Marek Król (Chief Editor, Wprost),
  • Bogusław Kułakowski (President of Qualcomm)
  • Sławomir Lachowski (President, BRE Bank),
  • Janusz Lewandowski (politician, economist)
  • Krzysztof A. Lis (President, Polish Institut of Directors),
  • Jan Maciejewicz (President, A.T.Kearney),
  • Prof. James S. Markusen (University of Colorado)
  • Paul Meyers (President, Shell Poland),
  • Sebastian Mikosz (Vice-President The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency),
  • Jeremi Mordasewicz (Expert, Poland Confederation of Private Empoyers),
  • Zbigniew Niemczycki (President, Curtis Companies; Vice-President, Polish Business Roundtable),
  • Andrzej Olechowski (Central Europe Trust Poland),
  • Jerzy Owsiak (journalist, social campaigner),
  • Stanisław Pacuk (President, Kredyt Bank),
  • Robert Patterson (Independent bank adviser and instructor),
  • Jarosław Pietras (Vice-President,Office of Committee for European Integration),
  • Danuta Piontek (President, Conwention of Entrepreneurs, Sales Specialist and Agricultural Producers),
  • John Quelch (Rektor, LBS),
  • John Quinn (Adviser, American President.s office),
  • Roman Rojek (Vice-Presiden Atlas),
  • Prof. Dariusz Rosati (Member of the European Parliament),
  • Wiesław Rozłucki (President, Board of Warsaw Stock Exchange, Deputy Minister of Regional Development),
  • Krzysztof Rybiński (Vice-president of the National Bank of Poland, Partner of Ernst & Young)
  • Jacek Santorski (President of Instytut Psychologii Biznesu Values)
  • Christopher James Shaw (Managing Director, Eli Lilly Polska),
  • Tomasz Sielicki (President, ComputerLand),
  • Sławomir Sikora (CEO, Citibank Handlowy),
  • Jacek Socha (Minister of the Exchenquer),
  • Adam Sopoćko (President, Office for Competition and Consumer Protection),
  • Cezary Stypułkowski (JP Morgan Bank, former PZU President)
  • Prof. Stefan Szymanski (Cass Business School)
  • Jean-Marc Vignolles (Vice President, PTK Centertel),
  • Józef Wancer (President, BPH Bank)
  • Colin N.J. Wilks (Chier Financial Officer, Loyds Bank Group),
  • Maciej Witucki (Member of the Supervisory Board, Orange; CEO, Work Service)
  • Zdzisław Wrzesiński (France-Telecom).


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