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Rzeczpospolita, 16 września 2009, "Zysk z absolwenta."

Information about WUT Business School Student and Alumni Association (SAAMBA).

Puls Biznesu, 19 czerwca 2009, "Nauczą o sprawach którymi dziś żyje świat."

Article about how WUT Business School adapted their program to the new situation on the world market caused by crisis.

Wprost, 24 maja 2009, "MBA: licencja na sukces"

MBA: licence for success. Articule about how student can be promoted during or after studies in WUT Business School. Interview with Alan Paterson, WUTBS alumni, form PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Gazeta Prawna, 4 maja 2009, "Absolwenci zawsze mogą liczyć na wsparcie ze strony swoich kolegów ze studiów"

Article about coorperation between students and alumni MBA. Include interview with prof. Witold Orłowski, director, and Dr Zbigniew Turowski, deputy director of WUTBS.

Home&Market, 1 kwietnia 2009, "Studia MBA - realna perspektywa sukcesu"

Information about MBA rating 2009 done by Home&Market, how was it made and what was the results.

Media i Marketing Polska, 12 listopada 2008, "Branding wymaga odwagi"

Interview with Tomasz Modzelewski, alumni from Warsaw University of Technology Business School, marketing and export director in Zelmer SA.

Warsaw Business Journal, 29 września 2008, "Training for success"

"With a communist economy there is no need for anything like that. Only when the economy started [transforming] into a market economy did the need appear” said Witold Orłowski, director of the WUT Business School at the Warsaw University of Technology, one of the first to appear on the Polish market. The first years were hard, according to Orłowski: “[At first the courses] were done with a lot of foreign input, with both foreign professors and foreign program design" he said.

"... the Warsaw University of Technology collaborates with London Business School, the HEC Paris Graduate Business School and Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration."

"ThePolish MBA does not have any trademark, there is no government regulation. Anyone can create a program and call it an MBA" Orłowski said.

"The lower costs aren't only attracting Polish students. The WUT Business School's Orłowski said that half of the students attending his institution’s MBA courses this year came from abroad, mainly from Western Europe. He said that few came for Executive MBA, however."

"An Executive MBA means you are traveling every weekend, so it is not surprising that people want to do this degree close to their place of work” he said. Orłowski also explained that, in addition to the low price of study, students were drawn to Poland by its competitive market."

"We are improving on the current MBA market, which is already delivering a good quality product, but it is still not sophisticated in giving the whole menu of choices"

The Warsaw Voice, The Polish Science Voice, 15 - 22 June 2008

"In 1991, The Warsaw University of Technology founded z Business School with help from prestigious international schools such as the London Business School, HEC School of Managment Paris, and the norwegia School of Economics and Buisness Administration in Bergen, Norway. The Warsaw University of Technology is a member of the European Foundation for Management Development, which brings together Europe's best business schools."

The Warsaw Voice, 24 February 2008, Career Fair

The Warsaw University of Technology Business School students and alumni Association (SAAMBA) is March 4 organizing an MBA Career Fair for the 15th time. The fair is an established event that has proved popular with big corporations and attracts a large number of visitors each year. The MBA Career Fair is a forum for meetings between potential employees and employers, exchanging management know - how and meetings with alumni of the most prestigious MBA programs, engineering graduates from the Warsaw University of Technology and proffesors and managers.

The Warsaw Voice, 10 February 2008, "MBAs in Poland"

„The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has long been an internationally recognized managerial qualification. So much so that it appears to be becoming a victim of its own success. The ever growing number of MBA holders is threatening to devalue the qualification.”

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