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Rzeczpospolita, 24.06.2015, "Ludzie i stanowiska"

Monika Jakubczyk (a WUT Business School absolvent) was promoted at Deloitte company.

Home&Market, 01.06.2015, "Najciekawsze programy MBA"

WUT BS Executive MBA was classified at 4th postion in the Home&Market ranking "The most intresting MBA programmes" 

Rzeczpospolita, 29.05.2015, "Studia na światowym poziomie"

The WUT Business School programme - Executive MBA is tailored to needs of upper- and middle-level managers. 

The Warsaw Voice, 01.05.2015, "Challenges for MBA Programs in Poland"

Profesor Witold Orłowski describes the cooperation between WUT Business School and CEU - Central European University

Rzeczpospolita, 29.04.2015, "Oferta dostosowana do potrzeb rynku"

The article describes the WUT BS programme -  FBA - Family Business Academy

WPROST, 20.04.2015, "Najdroższe studia świata"

Programme Executive MBA was granted 3rd place in the popularity (according to employers' opinion) ranking

Rzeczpospolita, 23.03.2015, "Na trampolinie do sukcesu"

The article describes the WUT BS programme -  Executive MBA Katalyst

Brief, 01.03.2015, "Jaskółki Kreatywnośći"

Wirsty Technologies start-up, the idea of which arose in WUT Business School, was mentioned in this article. 

Rzeczpospolita, 25.02.2015, "Menedżer musi umieć współpracować"

Profesor Witold Orłowski points out that WUT BS MBA programmes emphasize skills, which are of the main interest of Polish managers such as cooperation and interaction. 

Warsaw Business Journal, 11th February 2015, "MBA Programms"

MBA Programmes ranked by number of graduates in 2012/13. WUT Business School was ranked at fifth position (58 graduates).

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