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WUT Business School was created in 1991 as a result of a joint project of Warsaw University of Technology, HEC School of Management Paris, London Business School and NHH Norwegian School of Economics. For many years,
the School has been a member of European Foundation for Management Development created by leading European management schools. 

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Kapitalizm interesariuszy, 14.02.2021

In August 2019, members of U.S. Business Roundtable - the unofficial American business council - announced the position of owners and CEO of nearly 200 companies operating in the USA. They announced a new trend - the evolution of shareholders capitalism towards stakeholder capitalism, in which the values ​​and experiences of employees, customers, suppliers and the company's social environment become as important as those of investors and company managers. Less than a year later in May 2020, Prof. Bill George of Harvard, observing the reevaluation of company leaders adapting to the covid crisis, published an article that echoed widely: "Stakeholders capitalism is here to stay.".
- Jacek Santorski

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Boom na e-commerce to czas na naukę, 04.02.2021

The growing popularity of online shopping has forced the development of logistics networks, but also innovation in product delivery. However, this is not the only dimension of the e-commerce phenomenon. Sellers and producers should not only benefit from the boom in online shopping and "save revenues", but also draw conclusions, learn to more effectively match the needs of consumers and even better understand the huge potential of data about their customers.
- dr hab. Andrzej Wodecki

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Nadchodzi nowa fotowoltaika, 20.01.2021

Last year was the best year in the history of prosumer solar farms, but 2021 will be completely different. The time has come for big business solar investments, huge farms and demanding customers. For many photovoltaic sellers who have achieved success on the wave of popularity of the "My Electricity" program, this means the need to find a new position. The end of the subsidy will force them to look for business clients and try to meet their expectations.
- Grzegorz Wiśniewski

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Panika, sceptycyzm, niewiedza i fundamentalny racjonalizm. Jakie postawy wyzwolił w nas lockdown?, 24.11.2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be one of the most serious challenges not only for the health care system around the world, but also for the global economy. The uncertainty and complexity of the situation only exposed deep divisions in society and reinforced extreme reactions - panic or, on the contrary, skepticism and sometimes even hostility.
- Jacek Santorski

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MBA kiedyś i dziś. Jak zmieniły się prestiżowe studia dla menedżerów?, 14.10.2021

In the past, the most important things were knowledge of economics, finance and the market. Today, soft skills, team and change management are the key. In the past, these were niche studies, reserved for a narrow audience, not for everyone. Today, their completion is almost an obligation for all managers in large organizations, both those who are already thinking about being promoted to a higher level, and those in spe. For over 25 years, a lot has changed on the basis of the prestigious Master of Business Administration studies, but some things have remained constant. So the question is: who was the MBA student in the past and who is he today?

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Lęki liderów. Co dzięki pandemii wiemy o dobrym i złym przywództwie?, 16.10.2020

Being aware of employees' anxiety, "embracing" it, sharing and managing your anxiety, believing that we are in a difficult situation together, listening and explaining, being aware of having incomplete knowledge about a given topic ... own office - these are two scenarios and management styles of managers for whom lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic have become a time of verification of their managerial skills.
- Jacek Santorski

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Wrzesień czasem decyzji. Szkoła Biznesu Politechniki Warszawskiej otwiera się na studentów… online, 03.09.2020

The beginning of September is the time to return to school, but also the last moments to make difficult decisions related to the choice of the educational pathway at university. Those who are considering starting postgraduate and MBA studies know this. The Warsaw University of Technology Business School is open to new students, waiting and inviting - the next month will be a period of intense online meetings, webinars and lectures, during which candidates will be able to see why it is worth joining the facility.

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Na co w trakcie pandemii zachorowały organizacje?, 08.09.2020

COVID time is a good occasion for reflection. Answers to questions such as: which of our practices have proved successful in this new situation? Which tested so far have failed? And why?
- dr hab. Andrzej Wodecki

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Na „onlajnie” też jest fajnie, 15.09.2020

Online is also fun - at least for some students. According to the research of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School, students and management are divided as to the superiority of online classes over classroom classes - half of the participants are in favor of classroom classes. However, almost everyone agrees that "online" at the Business School has passed the exam.

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