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Why is WUTBS’s Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance valuable and worth the cost/effort?

To get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace, people working in the finance and accounting field need to meet recognized standards to prove their competencies and enhance their market value and job mobility. ACCA’s brand name is well-known and respected in the global market. In Poland, WUTBS has been engaged in English language management education for over 25 years and is recognized for its educational excellence. By teaming up WUTBS and ACCA, the Programme confers local academic recognition at a global professional standard. We believe the Diploma of  Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance will be highly valued in the job market.

What are the three subjects that make up the Certificate?

They are the “core” knowledge topics for any practitioner in accounting and finance:

1. Performance management (a.k.a. management accounting) = ACCA F5
2. Financial Reporting (a.k.a financial accounting) = ACCA F7
3. Financial Management (a.k.a. corporate finance) = ACCA F9

Once a candidate passes all three examinations, they will qualify for the WUTBS Diploma of Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance. For many people, the Diploma of Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance will be valuable in its own right and will suffice. Diploma holders will also have two extra options they might wish to pursue. By passing optional exams in ACCA F6 (Taxation) and ACCA F8 (Audit & Assurance), Diploma holders can become qualified for all ACCA courses from F1 to F9. This will allow them to write the Professional level papers and obtain membership in ACCA should they wish to go onwards. Alternatively, Diploma holders working in shared service centres may decide to enter the optional programme for the Advanced Certification for Global Business Services.

Do the Diploma exam papers match the ACCA’s official syllabus?

As much as possible the Diploma’s exam content will match the ACCA’s syllabuses. We do this for two reasons: 1) to set a high standard for the Diploma and 2) to prepare those students who are going on to write the Professional level exams in order to qualify for ACCA membership. That said, ACCA allows us some exceptions to better reflect local market conditions. By way of example, unlike ACCA’s syllabus, there will be nothing on Islamic finance in the Diploma’s F9 paper. Other minor divergences exist in other papers. 

What is the profile of the target participant in the Programme?

You work in the accounting and/or finance function at a multi-national enterprise (perhaps a shared service centre) where the working language is English. You are young, ambitious and prepared to work hard to advance your career. While you enjoy the work at your present position and are good at it, you are thinking ahead to build a career. Most of what you know about accounting & finance you learned on the job. Your university studies prepared the groundwork but did not provide the concrete skills that the job market demands. You are also perhaps starting a family and trying to balance work and lifestyle. Free time is precious. You want an “achievable stretch” professional qualification that will give you a firm foundation to future advancement and personal growth.

Who sets the exams and are they at the ACCA standard?

ACCA exams are unquestionably demanding. Global pass rates cluster around 50% for most papers. Because we are accredited by ACCA, WUTBS writes, invigilates and grades exams which will be set at ACCA standards. They will be tough but we call them “achievable stretches” i.e. working together, and working hard, most candidates can pass.

Does the Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance offer any other advantages?

Flexibility. For those students thinking about an ACCA but who are not sure, the Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance  allows them to “test the waters”. Should they decide to go ahead, an optional stream allows them to write papers in taxation and audit, the two other prerequisites for going to the “Professional” level exams and full ACCA certification. Or, some students might be interested in furthering their careers in shared service centres. These students can opt for the stream leading to an Advanced Certificate in Global Business Services taken directly from ACCA via online learning and evaluation. Finally, many students will find that the Diploma of Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance on its own will give them the career boost they are looking for.

What advantages does WUTBS offer?

We are a Polish university with a high standing in the public’s eye. Within our university, the Business School has been engaged managerial education in the English language for over 25 years. We have over 2,000 alumni working in senior positions in Poland and abroad. The School’s founding partners are acknowledged to be some of the most respected learning institutions in Europe. We are fully accredited by ACCA and offer exemptions in all courses up to the ACCA’s Professional level. Perhaps most of all, from teaching busy Executive MBAs we understand the special needs of demanding professionals. Finally, unlike passing separate exams as a stepping stone to a designation you may or may not ultimately obtain, with the Diploma of Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance you receive a degree and recognition for achievement.

What about private training firms, ACCA academies etc. 

For sure, they offer good training (although we’d put our instructors up against anyone). As a degree-granting university, what WUTBS can offer is a recognized academic degree of postgraduate studies. Private firms cannot offer this.

How do I qualify for admission into the programme?

The Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance is a “postgraduate degree” programme. Entrants can join us via 2 different streams. They can be graduates of a recognized Polish university in a related subject i.e. say, accounting, finance, business or economics. Or, they can be graduates of a recognized Polish university in an unrelated subject, say, history or sociology, but who have at least 5 years work experience in accounting or finance. Since our exams are in English, all candidates must be linguistically fluent. Upon admission, candidates will be immediately granted ACCA-approved exemptions for ACCA papers F1 to F4. The programme allows them to cover up to 5 more subjects ending at F9. Because of the pace of learning, it is very important that students to have a solid grounding in accounting and finance, either through education or work experience.

I’m worried about my other responsibilities both at work and at home. Will I have the time and energy to succeed in earning the Diploma?

We fully appreciate this challenge! Learning will be paced so as not to be stressful yet swift enough to get it done. Classroom sessions will be on Friday/Saturday to minimize work disruption. We trust employers will support your studies and grant time off. Self-study guides and distance learning mechanisms will allow individual learning at convenient places and times.

ACCA examinations are very stressful and high risk. Can you get me though them?

Passing ACCA-level exams is our raison d’être and our mission critical task. Our materials and tutors are tops in class. All our instructors have travelled the same journey. Instruction will be laser-focused on exam preparation. There will be plenty of practice questions. There will also be tips on useful exam techniques. If necessary, students will have a chance at re-write exams. One way or another WUTBS will get committed exam candidates through the papers.

Who are the instructors?

We have assembled a top-notch term of ACCA instructors. All have previous experience in guiding students through the rigorous examination process. Most of them are chartered accountants and/or business practitioners. They will set the exams each year and will know the exact subjects that students will need to focus upon.

Why bother to attend WUTBS classes and pay a fee when I can self-study in my spare time?

Good question. One answer is “what spare time?” We find that most busy practitioners with family responsibilities have little energy to devote to self-study. As well, it is difficult to motivate yourself working on your own. Anything important but not urgent (like studying) is a prime candidate for procrastination. Getting together on-campus at WUTBS is intensive but very productive in terms of focused, structured and guided learning. Reflecting the spirit of concentrated effort, cell phones will be left at the door. We have designed the Post-graduate Studies in Accounting & Finance to be completed in 1 year so participants can get on with their lives.

How will classroom training be conducted?

Students will be supplied with textbooks and study notes to read at their own pace and when most convenient. This is important and necessary in order to be prepared for classroom work. Students will also be assigned exercises and problem practice cases for completion at home. We consider this important as background preparation and for those committed to succeed it is “a must”. The really intense learning will occur in the classroom under the guidance of our seasoned instructors. Four classroom weekends will be spread out over a 3 month period. Each 3 hour exam paper must cover a defined number of syllabus topics. These will be covered in 60 academic hours per course. We will start with 3 weekends or 48 hours to go through the syllabus on a thorough, topic by topic basis. The first two weekends will be conducted in Polish, each weekend culminating with a 1.5 hr test in Polish worth 15% per test. The next scheduled weekend will be conducted in English with another test in English. With this foundational knowledge in place, we will then devote a forth 12 hour weekend to an intense and thorough topic review, calculation practice and examination tips in English. On the following 1/2 day, students will write the 3 hour exam worth 55% of a final grade. The miumum all-in grade to pass each course will be 50%. If necessary, a re-write exam will be conducted soon after if needed. We focus on one paper at a time before moving on to the next paper.

How big is my personal risk? What if I opt out?

In the competitive marketplace, where are you going to be in 5, 10, 15 years? The real risk is not standing out in the crowd. But if the Post-graduate Studies in Accounting & Finance truly proves to be a struggle, WUTBS has a “no one left behind” policy.

What if I have exemptions already or have passed some of the exams already. Will I be forced to sign up for the whole Programme?

No, you only pay for and attend the papers you need to earn the Diploma. However, in the extreme case of a student having all the core papers already, WUTBS will consider granting a Diploma but only subject to our confidence that candidates genuinely qualify. If necessary, an examination will be conducted to confirm skill competencies.

The Programme has an ACCA Advisory Panel. What is its role?

Several WUTBS alumni are qualified as ACCA professionals. They have been consulted in design of the Diploma programme and will continue to be involved as advisers, quality control over-seers and supporters of the Programme going forward. On a regular basis they will attend classes, be in contact with participants and give feedback to WUTBS. We value their experience, enthusiasm and loyalty to the School. Having made the successful journey to obtaining their ACCA, they are prepared to help others do the same.

I’m convinced! How do I apply?

Go to our website and apply on-line. Check the fee schedule below for the package you want and send funds to the School’s bank account. Someone will also be in-touch with each candidate to speak to you personally to check for any special needs and welcome you aboard. We will then be in regular contact by e-mail. 

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